Boudoir Prep Guide | Halifax Boudoir Photographer

You did it - you booked a boudoir session! Now you might be thinking, what did I get myself into? There’s a lot that goes into an intimate portraiture experience and it can seem overwhelming. Here’s a guide to help you when prepping for your shoot - you can leave the rest up to us!

Hands & Feet

If you normally do your nails, get a manicure and pedicure before you session (or DIY at home). Your hands and feet will show in many of your images and we don’t want chipped polish!

Waxing & Hair Removal

If you wax, it’s recommended to do this a few days before your session to avoid irritation and redness. Please note: you are absolutely not required to remove anything that you don’t normally remove, hair removal is a personal choice!

Model: Brittany Webber

Model: Brittany Webber

Model: Jamie Smith

Model: Jamie Smith

Spray Tans, Sunburns & Tanlines

For your session we do not recommend a spray tan if you haven’t had one done before as it significantly alters how your skin tone will photograph. You should also stay out of the sun to avoid any burns before your session! Retouching of streaks, tanlines and sunburns is not included. Tan lines are hot anyway!

Other Grooming

Having freshly trimmed and coloured hair and eyebrows done - if that’s your thing - will make you feel like a supermodel during your session!

Model: Maggie Sutherland / City Models

Model: Maggie Sutherland / City Models


  • Choose 1-3 outfits that make you look, and feel, AMAZING (click here for my recommendations for what to wear)

  • If you are bringing shoes, clean the soles - they may show in your photos

  • Bring a few accessories for your session such as a robe, cardigan, special jewelry, stockings/hosiery

  • Fit is important. Choose items that do not dig into your skin, and items that fit properly so that they lay flat against your body.

  • On the day of your session, make sure to wear loose and comfortable clothing that doesn’t leave marks/indentations on your skin

Model: Rachel Miller / City Models

Model: Rachel Miller / City Models

On The Day of Your Session

  • If makeup and/or hair is booked, arrive with a clean face and dry hair. Let the makeup artist know if you have any sensitivities, and feel free to bring some inspiration photos for your makeup look.

  • Use clear deodorant & moisturize your body before your session.

  • Don’t forget to eat something and drink lots of water!

  • Due to NS liquor laws, we are not allowed to serve alcohol; however, you are welcome to bring a bottle of wine or champagne if you’d like to have a glass while you get glammed up!

Model: Elle Munster

Model: Elle Munster

Appointment Time & Reschedules

Please arrive on time for your appointment; if you arrive early, we may still be with another client. Late arrival will be deducted from your session time.

Makeup will take approximately 1 hour and hair can take between 30 minutes and 1 hour, so come prepared to be pampered for a while! Your session itself will take approximately 1 hour.

The deposit for your session is non-refundable and there is a $100 rescheduling fee; please allow a minimum of 3 days notice for rescheduling.